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European Commission/PwC: Green EU Gateway to Japan Programme

European Commission/AETS: Study report on EU Gateway to Japan and Korea Programme

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation: Marker reports, Study reports, Webinars

Novosanis: Medical devices - Sampling and Delivery Solutions

Prodigest: SHIME® Simulator of Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem 

Fluidda: Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) research and development

Biotechnology Sector: Bio pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics and diagnostics

C2C Platform: Circular Economy certification (Cradle to Cradle)

Cardolite Corporation
: Fine intermediate chemicals for paint, rubber, adhesive and friction industry

SCK.CEN: Nuclear research center

Optimedia: PVC and aluminium windows and doors

Belvi nv- Airdeck: Patented concrete technology for construction industry

Deme Group – TidewayPipeline construction in deep sea environment

Zingametall: Film galvanising systems

: Lightweight stone chip coated steel roofing material 

Inventum: Hot water systems and hot water equipment

Intergas Verwarming & Inventum: High efficiency boilers and tankless water heaters

Damman Croes: Batcher and secondary concrete products plants, concrete mixers, oil extraction machinery

Hannecard: Manufacturer of roller coverings for industrial rolls, paper manufacturer rolls and printing rolls.

Novuswater: Healthy and ecological disinfectant

: Ultrasonic solutions for algae & bacterial control

Marketing Pro: Market surveys in the automotive sector

Vincent Sheppard:
Manufacturer of high quality furniture

Enolah: Women fashion brand, combining colors and exclusive prints

My Bob: Hats, caps, scarves, gloves

Maria Buytaert Candles: Organic hand-made candles

Bald & Bang: Lighting and small interior products

Aeris: Manufacturer of active-dynamic seat ‘Swopper'

Wolters:  Manufacturer of furniture for public spaces and objects for traffic safety

Marinas Exceptional Textiles: Designs for modern interior fabrics

:  Manufacturer of deep-frozen bread and pastry

Clavis Publishing
: Publishing of children and young adult books, both entertaining and literary

WPG Publishers: Group of publishing companies (Manteau, De Bezige Bij, Standaard Uitgeverij)

: Manufacturer of personalized tokens (coins) for events, marketing, branding,...

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